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Bar-N Studio is pleased to announce the availability of studio scholarships.  

What is this you say?

Well it is really simple.  Many artists don't have access to a studio, production gear, an engineer, producer and the lot.  We want to help.  If you want to qualify for a free 4 hour session to track your songs and get them edited and mixed it might be as easy as sending an email.


Send us a rough demo, cell phone recording, or any sample of your material and you could qualify for some free studio and mixdown time. One song will do, no more than three please! 

How do we pick scholarships?  It is quite simple, we are looking for artists with a passion, good ideas, creative and innovative music to work with. No genre restrictions at all, all ages, all people welcome, just drop an mp3 sample in the email and we will get back to you if we can offer you some no cost time in the studio to track and mix your original music.  This is our way of giving back to the community.  

We want to help you get your music out there...drop us a line..

Send emails to:

Hope to hear from you soon!

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