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Born in the Bar-N

Hey musicians, bands, solo artists, are you looking for a place to record your original stuff? 


Bar-N Studio is kicking off, "Born in a Bar-N " and looking for local original artists and bands to be part of a homegrown CD project that will culminate with a summer festival show and celebration of "home grown" Chippewa Valley talent.

Your material can be part of this first ever project focused on local Chippewa Valley musicians of all ages, styles, and genres. Rock, blues, acoustic, full bands, blue grass, country, jazz, anything goes.. Let's get creative, together!

Grab a couple demos upload them using the file tools on this page, or email to, or email us a link to your online stuff.

We are donating the studio time, mixing, and post production to 8 to 10 local acts, you can be one of these. Let's create a community CD together and have some fun along the way. 

Include in any email submissions:

1. A brief bio. 
2. Up to 3 mp3 demos to give us a taste of your talents. 

3. Upload your songs on this page


email us a link to your online stuff at:


email mp3's to:

Upload Your Song Entries Here!

Don't worry about quality, we can help there, just send us something that gives us a taste of your original music!  Record it with anything, a phone, or whatever!

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