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Your Project Studio

Bar-N is a fully equipped project studio for musicians and bands to develop their own vision.

At Bar-N we work with you.  Your priorities, and your ideas.  Our goal is to set up sessions that put you in control of your sound.  Sure, we can help engineer, mix, produce, etc.. But, the real deal is very simple.  What do you need?

As a small private rural studio, we like to talk to the clients and figure out a way to get the project done.  No set fees, no contracts, no hidden agendas.  Your music, your performance, and you keep all the rights and control what happens to the songs after we deliver to you.  

Give us a call, or email through our contact link and let's talk.  We specialize in "live in the studio" recording of small combos (2-5) musicians. 


  • Need a quick demo for your Electronic Press Kit?  Come on out. 

  • Want to build one song from scratch?  Come on out. 

  • Ready to record your full CD? Come on out.

  • Need help with adding parts, musicians, arrangements?  Come on out.   

  • We can set up for your needs, just let us know.  

If you are looking for a relatively quick, easy set-up, plug and play, show up and go environment, we can provide that with a little advanced notice.  If you are ready to play the stuff, we are ready to capture your performance. 

Have ideas? Questions? On a tight budget, or no budget?  Let's talk.  

Come on out to the Bar-n, let's make some music together.


Ready to book a session? 
Have a question?  
Let's make a record!


Fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling

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