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Bar-N. is a professional recording studio located in the country outside of Fall Creek, Wisconsin, just minutes from Eau Claire.  Bar N Studios features the best of modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in relaxed, seculed and intimate setting.
  • We work in Logic X and Pro Tools. 

  • Full recording and mixing suite available for full band "live" recording, and track by track song crafting. 

  • 16 track live digital recording available.

  • Unlimited # of tracks

  • Universal Audio preamps, A-D, D-A converters

  • Mixing capabilities using Logic, Pro Tools, and project mastering via WaveLab.

  • You can have your project set to go as a demo recording, or a full on mastered CD ready for production and distribution.  

  • We stock a variety of industry standard microphones of all types.  

  • Shure, Blue, Electrovoice, CAD, AKG, MXL, Audio Technica, Cascade Fat Heads, Rode

  • High quality digital recording interfaces, mic preamps, and processing gear.

  • Focusrite, DOD, Digitech, Berringer, Peavey, TC-Helicon, M-Audio, UA Apollo, DSP Suite of Plug-ins

  • A wide variety of DAW plug-ins for pre and post processing, modeling, and mixing.

  • Studio monitoring system for mixing, mastering suite with Yamaha HS8s, and NS10s for high quality mixdowns and mastering

  • Newly designed listening/preview lounge for A-B-C switching between different quality speakers and listening environments

  • In house keyboards, drums, guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin and others...let us know what you need. 

  • Nice line of vintage and modern guitar amps from Fender, Gibson, Tweed, and Peavey, and Mesa Boogie

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